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Certified Organic Oil of Oregano with 75-85% Carvacrol from Joy of the Mountains

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B.C. Family Puts Quality First

Joy of the Mountains® Oil of Oregano is made from a rare Origanum species that grows wild in the Mediterranean at high altitudes. This award-winning product is 100% certified organic and undergoes meticulous quality assurances to ensure purity and potency in every bottle.

An independent study at the University of British Columbia in 2012 found that Joy of the Mountains® was up to 4X more effective than other brands against the H1N1 flu virus.



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One of the first in Canada, this comes from a family business in the Okanagan region of BC, started in 2001. The leader in Oil of Oregano for over 10 years, Joy of the Mountains® remains the gold standard in quality, and they refuse to take short-cuts to compete with the numerous low-priced competitors on the market today.

The Consumer’s Choice. Joy of the Mountains® was voted #1 Immune Product and #1 Herbal Product by consumers in 2014 and 2015. Over the years, they’ve received many other Gold awards at the Canadian Alive Awards, the industry’s way of recognizing excellence in Natural Health Products each year.

Joy of the Mountains® specializes in Oil of Oregano. They go the extra mile, paying more for the finest raw materials, the best manufacturers and independent labs, and extensive quality control measures, to ensure that every single bottle meets their standards and delivers results. Their goal is to preserve the original phytochemistry of the plants, so it can work like nature intended.

Oil of Oregano brands are not created equal. There are numerous low-priced alternatives, yet every brand claims to be “premium”. Generally speaking, price remains a good indicator of quality and performance. The old adage holds true: “You pay for what you get.” And Canadians are figuring this out for themselves. People would rather pay more for a product that works, especially when it comes to treating infections. In our opinion, saving money should be a last consideration with Oil of Oregano. When a loved one is sick in bed, who cares if you saved a few dollars?

In 2012, an independent study at the University of British Columbia observed the effectiveness of various Oil of Oregano brands against the H1N1 virus. Joy of the Mountains® outperformed all other brands by a wide margin.

Results: Joy of the Mountains® was 4x more effective than a popular brand that claims a higher amount of Carvacrol (93%). And 2x more effective than another brand that claims a stronger concentration (1:2 or 33%) of Oregano oil.

Analysis: This study shows that raw material quality has a greater influence on product performance than potency, where potency is measured by Carvacrol % within the Oregano oil, and/or the concentration of Oregano oil in the bottle (a.k.a. strength of mixture, or carrier dilution).

The difference? Our Oregano is hand-picked, high-mountain, certified organic, wildcrafted, Mediterranean Origanum Minutiflorum from Turkey. We deal with the best suppliers who sustainably harvest, and respect the natural ecosystem.

Joy of the Mountains® Liquid contains 100% certified organic ingredients. Few Oil of Oregano brands contain 100% certified organic ingredients.

Carvacrol is the key active compound within Oregano, and ranges from 20-85% depending on species, altitude, climate, etc. It is impossible to consistently obtain Oregano oil with 80% Carvacrol; the plants simply do not exist. This is especially true if the manufacturer is testing the oil at top laboratories, to accurately observe Carvacrol potency in each batch. Also, no Oregano in the world produces more than 85% Carvacrol, and it is rare to obtain a small quantity of oil nearing 85%.

Joy of the Mountains® guarantees a minimum of 75% Carvacrol, ranging up to 85%, which is the most any company can honestly promise. This range accounts for natural fluctuations in weather, sunlight hours and other variables. Some companies standardize their Oil of Oregano to guarantee a very specific amount of Carvacrol (i.e. 80%), but this alters the precious natural  phytochemistry of the plants. Compare labels and look for products that offer Carvacrol within a range, to ensure it is natural and effective.

Note: Carvacrol is always presented as a % of the Oregano essential oil before dilution in a carrier oil, not a % of the entire product. The right dilution. This Oregano essential oil is diluted 1:3 in certified organic Olive oil (25% Oregano oil blended with 75% Olive oil). A 1:3 dilution is the ideal balance of medicinal potency (per drop) and ready-to-use versatility; with the Oregano essential oil well-emulsified, the product is well-received by the digestive system, and is non-irritating for most topical uses.

A word of CAUTION: Oregano Oil is HOT! It’s best to put a couple of drops in a small glass of juice or water, mix it up, then swallow it down. Avoid putting the drops directly onto the tongue as it really can burn the soft palate and throat if not careful.

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Disclaimer:  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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